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Advanced ModelSim for Verilog

This informative one day course offers a balance of language and tool specific topics that can greatly improve design verification results and enhance engineering productivity. The fast-paced course covers how to fully leverage VHDL Text I/O for both reading input stimulus from, and writing simulation results to external files. It also covers ModelSim specific features such as basic scripting, automated waveform comparison and Code coverage. This class affords existing VHDL designers the opportunity to quickly apply advanced simulation techniques that immediately save time, promote consistency and yield an overall more robust design ...DOWNLOAD TSI ADVANCED MODELSIM FOR VHDL COURSE DETAIL



  • Course No:  TSI-AMSEVER-8-ILT
  • Course Duration:  1 Day
  • Price:  USD $600
    or 6 Xilinx Training Credits
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Prerequisites

    > Basic design knowledge

  • Software Tools

    > ISE™ 8.2i
    > ModelSim 6.2 Simulator
    > Xilinx XST™

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Day 1
> Advanced ModelSim Features
> VHDL functions and procedures >
 Intro to VHDL Text I/O
> Lab 1: Read input stimulus from external file
> Advanced VHDL Text I/O Concepts
\> Lab 2: Compare simulation results, write to file
> Using ModelSim Code Coverage Features
> Lab 3: Measure code coverage, improve scores


The labs for this course offer a practical hands-on opportunity to create robust and re-usable verification strategies. Each exercise is carefully constructed to permit discovery while exploring options and tradeoffs. In addition to the comprehensive step-by-step instructions, the lab documentation also provides additional insight regarding the tools, procedures or best-case practices.

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