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Adv. Xilinx Timing Closure w/Synplyfy Pro, XST & PlanAhead

This custom hybrid course is a fast-paced --lab intensive  curriculum that focuses on Xilinx chip-level optimization when using Synplify Pro® or Xilinx XST® for design entry.  The course covers specific synthesis options that can enhance performance and results. It then covers comprehensive Xilinx timing constraints that are critical to driving the P&R tools.  The course ends with using the PlanAhead®  tool to manage layout, improve timing and enhance repeatability.  This course can help you fit your design into a smaller FPGA or a lower speed grade for reducing system costs. In addition, by mastering the tools and the design methodologies presented in this course, you will be able to create your design faster, shorten development time & lower development costs.


Who Should Attend


FPGA designers with intermediate knowledge of HDL and some experience with the Xilinx ISE® software tools




  • Course No:  TSI_19000_COMP
  • Course Duration:  2 Days
  • Price:  USD $1,400
    or 14 Xilinx Training Credits
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites

  • Software Tools

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Day 1

Course Introduction
Xilinx Timing Closure  Design Overview
Synthesis Optimization with Synplify Pro
Synthesis Optimization with XST
Lab 1: Use Advance Synthesis Options
Xilinx FPGA Clocking Resources,  V6, Spartan-6   
Lab 2: Create various clocking schemes
Comprehensive Timing Constraints
Lab 3: Create Detailed Timing Groups


Day 2

Using Xilinx Timing Analyzer
Xilinx PlanAhead ( Part I)
Lab 4: Getting started with PlanAhead
Xilinx PlanAhead ( Part II)
Lab 5: Creating Floorplans, Analyzing Results
Xilinx PlanAhead ( Part III)
Lab 6: Fine-tuning Floorplans
Course Review



Lab 1: Advanced Synthesis Options - For either VHDL or Verilog users, understanding key synthesis options and menu  selections
Lab 2: Create Various Clocking  schemes - Use the Architectural Wizard to create DCM or MMCM components for various clockfrequencies and distribution requirements
Lab 3: Create Detailed Timing Groups - Use the Xilinx Constraints Editor to create comprehensive Timing Constraints
Lab 4: Getting Started with PlanAhead - Create projects, perform initial design analysis
Lab 5: Creating Floorplans, Analyzing Results - Create floorplan, implement design, evaluate results

Lab 6: Export IP Module -  Create RPMs for module reuse, portability and deterministic layout 

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