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Accelerated Design w/PlanAhead Analysis and Design Tool

Learn to increase design performance and achieve repeatable results by using the PlanAhead software. Topics include: a product overview, synthesis and project tips, design analysis, creating a floorplan, improving performance, experimenting with implementation options, incremental methodology, block-based IP design, and I/O pin assignment.

This one day “Accelerated” class fully covers the key software features, offering hardware designers a rich learning experience in a concise format.   

Note: The hands-on labs provided within this course are identical tothe tutorials that are packaged with the PlanAhead tool. This course is supplemented with instructor-led presentations and demos.


Who Should Attend

FPGA designers, system architects, and system engineers who are interested in analyzing and driving the physical implementation of their designs to maximize performance and capacity.



  • Course No:  TSI-ACC-PA-13-ILT
  • Course Duration:  1 Day
  • Price:  USD $700
    or 7 Xilinx Training Credits
  • Level: FPGA 3
  • Prerequisites

    Essentials of FPGA Design or equivalent knowledge of the FPGA architecture and the Xilinx ISE®software flow

    Designing for Performance recommended
  • Software Tools

    Xilinx ISE Design Suite: Logic or System Edition 13.1

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Day 1

PlanAhead Tool Benefits and Features
Overview I/O Pin and Clock Planning
Lab 1: Assigning I/O Pins
RTL Development and Analysis
mplementing a Design
Lab 2: Implementing with the PlanAhead Tool
Design Analysis
Lab 3: Design Analysis
Floorplanning Techniques
Lab 4: Floorplanning

 Course Summary


Note: All labs within this course are also available as self-guided tutorials, which are packaged with the PlanAhead tool.

Lab 1: Assigning I/O Pins – Introduces the PinAhead environment for performing I/O pin assignment. You will create a project, import and export I/O ports lists, create I/O ports and interfaces, and make pin assignments.
Lab 2: Implementing with the PlanAhead Tool – Illustrates a walkthrough of the front-to-back, RTL-to-bitstream design flow. You will run synthesis, import synthesis results, run implementation, and import and analyze the implementation.
Lab 3: Design Analysis – Introduces the pre- and post-implementation design analysis features of the PlanAhead software.
Lab 4: Floorplanning – Provides an introduction to some of the capabilities and benefits of using the PlanAhead tool for designing high-end FPGAs.

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