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VHDL Online Review ( IEEE-1076 )

This interactive online course & review is a direct extension of the comprehensive three day Designing with VHDL class.

Invariably, course attendees struggle to retain and properly apply all the important concepts covered during the class. This convenient online session affords each attendee the rare opportunity to reinforce key HDL coding techniques and methodologies.    

This is a concise 2 hour block of presentation and labs, along with
interactive Q & A. Most importantly, the agenda is driven by the attendees.  Live software and usage demos are also included.

Specifically, each session is strictly limited to 6 – 8 attendees. Once you have completed registration, you can submit your particular topic(s) of interest or your specific questions. The overall 2 hour online session is a customized, user driven learning experience. 

Throughout the session, you can ask questions and get real-time answers to your specific challenges.

Who Should Attend

Engineers who want to reinforce and clarify the HDL coding skills and techniques covered in the 3 day classroom experience. 



  • Course No:  VHDL_OnlineReview
  • Course Duration:  2 Hour Session
  • Price:  USD $100
    or 1 Xilinx Training Credits
  • Level: HDL 2
  • Prerequisites
    Completion the 3 day Designing with VHDL Course
    ( or equivalent working IEEE-1076 VHDL knowledge )
  • Software Tools

    ISE 13.1

Nothing currently scheduled.

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Driven by Customer / Attendee Request


Driven by Customer / Attendee Request

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