Design Techniques for Lower Cost



This course will appeal to engineers who have an interest in developing low-cost products, particularly in high-volume markets. The course and exercises cover several different design techniques, which will be interesting and challenging for any digital designer regardless of the final application.

Who Should Attend

Engineers wanting to develop low-cost products, particularly in high-volume markets, and product designers who need to accurately estimate the size of devices required to implement products to predict costs without requiring the actual design to be implemented



  • Course No:  LOWCOST-8-MOD
  • Course Duration:  8 Hours
  • Price:  USD $700
    or 7 Xilinx Training Credits
  • Level: Fundamental
  • Prerequisites


     An understanding of digital logic designand the concept of an FPGA
     An appreciation of VHDL and CAE design flows is beneficial, but not vital
  • Software Tools

    Note: No software is needed to run this workshop.


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  •  What is an FPGA?
  •  Spartan Family
  •  CLBs, Slices and BRAM
  •  Multiplexers
  •  Flip-Flop Controls
  •  Synchronous Timing vs. Asynchronous Timing
  •  Digital Clock Managers
  •  Dedicated Carry Logic
  •  Counters
  •  Wired Carry Gates
  •  Block Memory
  •  Distributed RAM
  •  FIFO
  •  Dual Port Memory
  •  PicoBlaze™ Microcontroller Processor
  •  State Machines
  •  Design Challenges



 Exercise 1: Exploring the Slice
 Exercise 2: Logic Levels
 Exercise 3: Dedicated Multiplexers
 Exercise 4: Performance by Design
 Exercise 5: Clocks
 Exercise 6: Counters  
 Exercise 7: Aspect Ratios
 Exercise 8: Replacing Logic with Block RAM
 Exercise 9: Distributed RAM
 Exercise 10: Essence of FIFO
 Exercise 11: Delay
 Exercise 12: PicoBlaze Microprocessor
 Exercise 13: State Machines
 Design Challenges
 Rotational Trigger
 Operation Clock   
 LED Wall Display
 Electronic Keyboard

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