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PracticalHDL  is the single most complete tool for side-by-side VHDL and Verilog instruction using a variety of hardware modules and topics.  PracticalHDL can deliver the quality of in-depth classroom experience right onto your desktop.

The application-based approach bridges the gap between HDL theory and real-world RTL coding requirements.  This includes subtle nuances and 'best practice' techniques.  Xilinx FPGA Optimization for Virtex-2 and Spartan-3 devices is woven throughout the broader HDL coding instruction.

This structured learning environment allows you to practice simulation and synthesis coding techniques using a variety of the industry's leading tools such as SynplifyPro®, ModelSim®, ActiveHDL® and Xilinx ISE® Read customer reviews...


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"This type of tool could make an immediatre impact for a HDL coder of beginner to intermediate level.  The media and graphical presentation is excellent.  Well done!"...T. Counts, Design Engineer, EMS

"Very easy to understand and navigate through; this will get customers up and running."
...R. Sawhney, Customer Education, Xilinx

"Very understandable, nice to be able to compare VHDL and Verilog for each example."
...J. Jordan, Hardware Design, EMS

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